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St. Andrew’s Church in Alleppey

Alleppey has become a favourite travel destination of tourists visiting Kerala, who keep coming frequently to unwind on its sandy beaches and amazing backwaters. It is called Alappuzha by locals, and this region has plenty of attractions in store for tourists. The moment they step into this fabulous tourist spot, lush green coconut palms can be seen all around. Green farms and tiny villages have people engaged in various activities, a sight which would make it seem as if being in a totally different world. 

St. Andrew’s Church in Alleppey

Churches of Kerala have beautiful architecture and catch the attention of anyone who passes through them. But, it is St. Andrew’s Church in Alleppey that attracts a large number of tourists and devotees, including people from other faiths. It was built by the Portuguese in 16th century, which makes it one of the oldest churches in India. Devotees visit this church to offer their gratitude for the saint who is believed to have certain powers to heal believers. 
Tourists coming to this region every year, never miss this great church as it is one of the main tourist attractions in Alleppey worth paying a visit. Offering prayers in this church and being in its surroundings would be a very divine experience. This holy site is located in a small village in Alleppey called Arthunkal which is about 22 kilometres from the town. This village has many facilities, including a small shopping centre and major banks. Tourists can also find a road that leads to nearby beach where they can have a wonderful time.