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Popular beaches in Kerala

Alongside south-west coastline of India, Kerala is one of the most scenic regions in the world.  This region termed as God’s own country sees millions of tourists visit this beautiful regions time and time again. This region also list in as the Traveler magazine in top 10 places to visit during lifetime. One could find lots of tourist attractions in this beautiful state and off the lots beaches are the ones that are flocked by majority of tourists. Beaches here can be compared to other beautiful beaches across the world. We have mentioned some of the beaches with beautiful coasts which are worth a visit during your Kerala vacations.

Alleppey Beach

Alappuzha: A popular city known also well known for its lagoons, canals, rivers is a famous tourist spot. The beaches here are long and one could take a long stroll in this beach without being disturbed by any locals.
Kovalam: One of the most crowded and popular beaches in Kerala, Kovalam is located close to Trivandrum. The beach has a crescent shape which makes it an ideal spot for different water related sports and activities. The beach is so famous that the nearby areas are covered with luxury resorts, shopping centers and massage parlors. A best way to enjoy the beach is to take a massage under the golden Sun on the white sand; a perfect adobe for tourists who needs a vacation in paradise.
Varkala:  Another popular beach located near Trivandrum. The beach also offers tourist many scopes for water sports. Tourist can even sunbathe in this beach. Those who need some break time from the beach can venture out to explore Sree Janardhana Swamy Temple and Nature Care Centre which are very close to proximity. 
Beypore:  This beach is very close to Calicut and is one of the largest fishing harbors in the state. One could see magnificent view of the Arabian Sea. The local fishermen going on with their business in a very serious manner is again a thing to watch out for, specially their songs. The beach is at the mouth of Chliyar River.
Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach: It is the only drive-in beach in Kerala. This beach is very long and one could see the north-end of the Kannur beach from the coast. There is also a beautiful island to the south of the beach called Green Island.
Cherai: Located in Vypin Island, this scenic beach is close to the developed city of Kochi. A beach with golden sand is ideal for sunbathing and swimming. Beautiful lagoons, canals and rivers are other beautiful attractions in this city. Even this city is laced up with many luxury health resorts and cottage.
Ezhimala: This beach is just about 38 km from Kannur and has a hillock. Lord Buddha is believed to visit this place and it is considered as a spot of historical importance. Travelers can enjoy the sightseeing of this clustered hills and flourishing sea port and an old mosque in there.
It is not an inclusive list, there are also many other popular beaches. The only advice is to if you are visiting Kerala, make sure you at least spent two to three weeks. It is only then you could explore the real beauty of God’s own country.