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Christmas Celebrations in Alleppey

Alleppey is the classic backwater destination in Kerala with a wide variety of tourist activities available at its shores and backwaters. Tourists are literally pouring in Alleppey during the peak tourist season. Visitors coming to Alleppey during Christmas enjoy an excellent time at the beaches of Alleppey. Christmas celebrations in Alleppey are vibrant but traditional. Celebrating a festival under the open sky and twinkling stars is a totally glamorous experience at this destination.

Christmas Celebrations in Alleppey

Christmas the festival of joy, religious sentiments and hope is celebrated in a traditional way at Alleppey beach side. Instead of imported Christmas trees local craftsman make garlands out of marigold and jasmine and these garlands are used as beautiful Christmas decorations. Even westerners get surprised with the idea of celebrating Christmas at the sunny beaches. As the sun goes down the party gears up with introduction of best sea food at the backdrop of local classical music. As the day advances the beach becomes a playground with families enjoying kite flying and many other beach games. At midnight the beach vibrates with bursting crackers and the sky becomes bright with its colors.

Hotels and resorts in Alleppey are arranging exclusive Christmas celebrations, so that the tourists at this destination may feel homely. Special food is prepared in the hotels and resorts which are accompanied with cultural events and competitions. Christmas is normally celebrated in two ways in Alleppey. Christian population of the city celebrate it in a traditional way while non Christians celebrate it in a more entertaining way with introduction of special events, festive food and an outing to have fun. A gift from Santa is the most interesting part for children in Alleppey. Christmas is marked with some of the fascinating events in Alleppey.

Our Panoramic sea resort in Alleppey takes this occasion of Christmas as the best opportunity to serve its guests by creating a festive mood in the sea resort. This festive period is the best to witness unique Christmas event in Alleppey resorts.  Our resort located in an idealistic location near the beach provides a romantic ambience for the tourists, who are coming to enjoy a few days at the backwater locations. It has a dual comfort of a serene location amidst the swaying palms, having all the modern amenities which the visitors are looking for. Come to our sea resort during Christmas and experience a unique array of events in Alappuzha.