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Ayurvedic Massage Centre

A whole new dimension of life opens up when you allow Ayurvedic therapies to touch and communicate with your body in a manner that relieves you of all physical and mental ailments and reconstitutes you, to take on the world with a renewed confidence and vitality.

Our wide range of face and body treatments are customized after a thorough diagnosis of your unique body type. In this way we are able to offer you more than just a good treatment.

Ayurveda Treatments

AbhyangamDuration: 45 minutes

This is the basic Ayurveda massage. Experts massage luke warm Ayurvedic oil on the head and body. Enhances proper blood circulation and relaxes mind.

Four hand synchronous massage Duration: 60 minutes

This is the traditional Ayurvedic oil massage from head to toe by two therapists on either side in a synchronous rhythm. Excellent for mental and physical relaxation.

Marma Massage Duration: 60 minutes

This is done by applying pressure on the vital points (marma), muscles. The masseur applies pressure with the fingers, thumb or palm at certain points having high concentration of life energy. This massage is superb for overworked, tired, stressed muscles to help stretch the body and alleviate fatigue. Your choice of Ayurvedic oils or aroma oils is used.

Elakkizhi Duration: 75 minutes

One of the most relaxing and refreshing massages, you can enjoy. This is a massage with warm roasted leaf bags after 40 minutes of basic massage from head to toe with Ayurvedic oils. This is very good for relieving spasm and stiffness of muscles, lubricating the joints, strengthen the spinal muscles and relieves joint pain especially backache. Enhances peripheral blood circulation, cleanses the channels of circulation and detoxify.

Sirodhara Duration: 60 minutes

Unique massage of Kerala, in which a steady stream of decoction, medicated oil or medicated buttermilk is poured on the forehead in a peculiar pattern. This is done after 30 minutes of basic massage for whole body. Very effective for mental relaxation, sleep disturbance, head ache, hair problems and skin diseases.

Navarakkizhi Duration: 90 minutes

Massage with Ayurvedic oils for the whole body is done in the first phase of this treatment. This is followed by massage with warm rice (medicinal rice, Navara) bags dipped in milk and an herbal decoction. Oil massage follows as the next phase. This massage nourishes tissues, softens and moisturizes the skin, enhances complexion, strengthens body muscles and cures the stiffness of the joints.

Kaya Sekam Duration: 90 minutes

This is a process in which the body is made to perspire by continuously pouring luke warm herbal oils or medicated milk in a peculiar pattern followed by gentle massage. This treatment is given for general weakness, arthritis, paralysis etc. and has a rejuvenating effect with softening of the skin, improves complexion, blood circulation and the relaxation of mind.

Udvarthanam Duration: 60 minutes

Massage with special herbal powder after 40 minutes of oil massage. This is done like a scrub for exfoliation; break cellulite; deplete the fat, strengthens the muscles. Removes impurities, dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. This prepares the body for further treatments.

Ayurveda Face & Scalp

Thala pothichil Duration: 45 minutes

A special paste made out of Amla and special roots is applied on the head after giving a gentle head massage, very effective for cooling, calming and soothing the mind. It helps to improve memory and good for overall nervous system.

Sirovasthy Duration: 45 minutes

A special cap is fitted on the head and warm oil is allowed to stay on the head for approx. 30 minutes. This is done for visual problems, memory ailments, sleep disturbances, headache etc.

Tharpanam Duration: 30 minutes

This unique therapy refine, oxygenate, and increase cellular renewal around the eye area and gives a firmer and smoother appearance. Very effective for dark circles crow feet, visual improvement and eye diseases.

Ayurveda Express

Indian Head massage Duration: 25 minutes

There is not usually enough time for a full face and head massage as part of a full-body massage. You might like to try it on its own or in combination with a neck and shoulder massage.

Ayurvedic neck & shoulder care Duration: 25 minutes

In this treatment fresh herbs are cooked in ayurvedic oils and packed into bags, which are applied over the neck and shoulder after hand massage. This relieves the spasm and stiffness of neck, shoulder and upper back muscles. This is very effective for cervical spondylosis.

Ayurvedic Leg Massage Duration: 25 minutes

In this treatment, fresh herbs are cooked in ayurvedic oils and packed into bags, which are applied over the legs and feet after the traditional hand massage. This relieves spasm, stiffness, muscle cramps, sciatic pain, and knee & ankle pain. This massage improves lymphatic and blood circulation and effective on swollen feet.

Ayurveda Packages

Ayurveda refreshment program

Ayurveda refreshment program3 Days

This includes the combination of traditional massages; Herbal Soothe, Tranquility, Body Revive along with time tested herbal teas for the total refreshment of body and mind.

Rejuvination Therapy

This treatment includes detoxification and rejuvenation of body by herbal oils and medicines, which nourishes the body tissues. This therapy increases the health span by improving the quality and purity of structural components. An effective and prominent treatment for the release of day-to-day strain and stress.

Slimming program

From the perspective of Ayurveda, losing weight is not about starving or suppressing the appetite. It is about balancing your fat metabolism. You don’t have to starve yourself or exercise until you drop. Balance is the key and with a therapy which is tailor made to suit your constitution. Treatments include body massage by special herbal powders and internal herbal medicine.

Panchakarma Therapy (Detox)

A five-fold treatment, which includes different massages, internal herbal teas and treatments like Nasyam (Nasal drops), Virechanam (purgation), Vasthy (Enema therapy) etc. This is for the mental and physical well being – tones the body, mind, breath, nerves and purifies the blood. It takes a minimum of 14 up to 28 days for the treatments.

Spine Care program

This program includes special treatments for neck pain and low back pain due to various conditions like muscular conditions, Spondylosis, Spondylitis, Ankylosing spondylitis, Disc problems etc. The treatment includes traditional massages with special herbs from Kerala, Nasal drops, medicated steam, medicated spinal baths and internal medications.

Skin Care program

This special program is for improving the complexion and toning up of the body. This includes special detoxification program and beautification therapies. Cures skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema, scabies, dermatitis, folliculitis, premature graying and hair falling etc. This includes special herbal face packs, etc.

Stress & Strain Relief program

An effective and prominent treatment for the release of day-to-day strain and stress. It calms your mood, brings relaxation of the body and mind, It slows down the pace.

Please Note: As the treatments are strictly personalized, the exact treatment and medicines can be fixed after detailed consultation with the doctor.

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