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Ayurveda, the popular ancient science of healing in Kerala

Kerala is the land of ancient arts and sciences blessed with a natural beauty and places of immense touristinterest. It is more popular for  Ayurvedic treatments and its classical dances (bharatnatyam does not belong to kerala. It is from tamil nadu). The roots of Ayurveda in this land were sown more than a thousand years ago and the  teachings were  passed on from one generation to the other  hence preserving its legacy. It is the oldest health care method accepted even by the western population.

Ayurveda Treatment in Alleppey, Kerala

Ayurveda has retained its importance as a  system of  cleansing the body completely and then treating it  with medicine without any side effects. It is supposed to be the best treatment for  senior citizens, who lack  the capacity to withstand strong doses of allopathic medicines. It helps in the physical and mental growth of a human being based on the diagnosis of the three doshas in the human body called pitta, vata and kapha. People administering  Ayurvedic treatments are called Vaidyas in Kerala who have been practicing Ayurveda  since many years. At present, it is the only Indian state in India dedicated to the preservation  of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda – The Science Of Life

The climate of Kerala is most suitable to Ayurvedic treatments and the existence of moisture in the air makes it perfect for natural medicines to be more effective. The land  blessed with medicinal herbs and plants helps in sustaining this health care system.. The soil of this region rich in alkaloid content also helps in increasing the intensity of these medicines. The popularity of Kerala Ayurveda has reached distant places in the world with many tourists coming here for getting treated through ancient healing methods. . This aspect has converted this state into a major tourist hub of India.. Naturally, many hotels and resorts have started providing the basic as well as advanced Ayurvedic treatments within their premises for the convenience and benefit of their guests.. Panoramic sea resort at Alleppey is one such place having its own massage center within the resort.