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Authentic Kerala Thali

Authentic Kerala Thali

Special South Indian veg buffet with addition of North Indian dishes only @ Rs.150/- ++ at our multi-cuisine restaurant.

Panoramic Sea Resort, AlleppeyKerala Thalipresents one of the most sumptuous feasts for the palate of a food lover. A perfectly balanced meal, each and every dish that is a part of Kerala Thali is a true reflection of the beautiful heritage and culture the God’s own land has in it. Served on a banana leaf, the meal starts with a sweet, mostly a PaladaPrathaman, followed by some delicious dishes. While you will be able to notice a vast variation among the Kerala Thalis available across this beautiful land, there are some dishes which are part and parcel of any Kerala Thali. Cooked in coconut oil, coconut is a major ingredient in the dishes, irrespective of being vegetarian or non-vegetarian. There is a specific etiquette to be followed while serving a Kerala Thali. The meal should always start with serving the sweet, payasam, on the lower, right hand side of the banana. The other dishes follow these. We present here few such dishes, which you can try your hand at while preparing a Kerala Thali.

Enjoy your Authentic Kerala Thali everyday from 12 noon to 3 p.m. at Spices & Sauces restaurant of Panoramic Sea Resort, Alleppey.

Kerala Thali Menu:

  • Avail
  • Thoran
  • Pachadi
  • Engi curry
  • Pullisari
  • Sambar
  • Rasam
  • Fish curry
  • Pappad / pickle
  • Dessert (adapradaman / payasam)